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The importance of offering high-end tourist content to engage travelers, car rental clients and hotel guests

Tourist in Venice shows her phone with audio guides

Digital technologies are deeply modifying travelers’ behaviors. The web has put in direct contact travel players and travelers needs: so, tourists are now able to autonomously search for information about travel or destination (and this is transforming them in mini-travel agencies), and almost every travel decision related to destination, hotel, transfer, experiences, etc., is affected by online content.

Searching for complete and high-end information is difficult. A winning strategy for accommodation facilities, car rental companies and tour operators to attract new guests can really consist of creating and offering original and top quality content.


The customer journey and the importance of content during every travel experience

According to a MDG Advertising research:

  • 65% of leisure travelers start searching information online before choosing the destination;
  • 72% of travelers surf the web looking for information regarding the chosen destination;
  • 66% of travelers carry out general searches about their holiday, mainly online.


Searches continue also at the arrival, and they include all moments of the stay: feedback and reviews about experiences and POIs are decisive to choose what to do, and, in the following, informative content provides a useful support in enriching knowledge about them.

For this reason, today’s travelers are inclined to opportunities offered by digital technologies and desirous of online information about their destination its point of interests and any related travel service. However, quality information is usually difficult to find, influencing the overall traveler satisfaction. Furthermore, paper materials (such as brochures, maps, and travel guides) are surely not handy while roaming around a travel destination.

For that reason, more and more travelers choose a hotel, a travel offer or a car rental company not only for a convenient offer or its famous brand, but also for digital content included in each offer. In fact, to succeed in such a complex and competitive market, it is necessary to stand out by offering travelers content that is inspiring and valuable for their travel experience.


The potential of innovative tourist guides

In this scenario, Manet Mobile Solutions and Vox Group worked together to include PopGuide digital audio-guided tours on Manet Devices. This service is currently available in Rome, Milan, Assisi, Florence, Riccione, Venice, Verona, Pisa, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Nice, Paris, Athens, Salzburg, Singapore, and the number of available cities is constantly increasing.
Manet Device users traveling in those cities can take advantage of a set of multilingual audio commentary about the best point of interests, directly available on Manet devices.

By embedding audioguides, Manet digital concierge has become a key tool for tour operators, car rental companies and hotels for attracting new clients who, thanks to this innovative travel tool, will have at their disposal an all-in-one travel assistant, providing useful information and services as well as information about the destination, allowing them to live a memorable, carefree and exciting travel experience!

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