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A multitude of online and offline contents and benefits to let hotel guests live the best of Italy

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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed and continues in changing the habits of travelers from all over the world.

The scenarios and hypotheses are constantly updating in these long months. Due to the Omicron variant, the incoming flux of foreign tourists has stopped again after the increase of infected people and a not yet well defined future.

Surely, the desire to travel and to go on holiday have not vanished; on the contrary, both the confinement and restrictions have fed these wishes. A research carried on by Izea during the first pandemic wave in 2020 suggests that the containment measures adopted by the authorities could lead to an increase of consumers seeking holidays in the future.

The survey has pointed out that the 55% of USA consumers, who usually travel five or more times per year, asserted to have bought – or have the intention to buy – a holiday for the future while stuck at home due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Social relations’ reduction has caused a desire for amusement and entertainment also in Italy: data collected by a company specializing in the field suggest that the 70% of Italian, within a month of lockdown, are able to come back to travel, to entertain, to enjoy cultural visit even respecting the hygienic and sanitary standards established by authorities (Dynamitick, 2020). Today’s picture is largely unchanged.


The new boundaries for tourism: living destinations as locals

So, while the desire for traveling is still the same, tourists’ expectations toward destinations and experiences have changed. Generally speaking, the most recent researches underline that from observers are now more active in discovering the destination and want to go deep in the reality they visit, discover the city through itineraries, personalized tours, customized experiences.
Travelers are more and more interested in quality content and advice, paper or digital guides to explore and live the city thanks to events, shows, art sites, lifestyle. In this scenario, contents as those offered by Welcome Smart Network by WhereItalia are precious for tourists all over the world, who have city and transport maps available, and also thematic and personalized maps, guides for their free time and for living the destination as a local.



The power of innovative technologies

Welcome Smart Network by WhereItalia signed important partnerships to pursue this goal, as the one with Manet Mobile Solutions, aimed at offering to international travelers low-cost high-speed mobile data connectivity even abroad, without buying a physical SIM card in the store and inserting it into their personal device.

Thanks to the link available on Welcome Magazines by WhereItalia, tourists will be able to access a dedicated landing page and buy an affordable data plan on eSIM technology (virtual SIM) and immediately activate it on their devices.

Tourists desire more and more to feel at home while traveling, and the formula by Welcome Smart Network, by linking online and offline experiences, is hitting the mark!

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